Introduction and setting the scene

Anel Martin has been changing assistants all over the planet for the last five years. With a fresh and unique delivery, Anel has been where you are. And not only that but she was absolutely at the top of her game, having won the coveted PA of the Year Award for the whole of South Africa before taking the leap to follow her passion and train others how to reach for the same heights in their careers. 


Anel gets it. She has sat exactly where you sit. She has worked for the worst of the worst and the best of the best. She knows how to be exceptional in this career and how to show up as a confident, assertive and valued member of the senior management team. And now she's sharing her secrets.


Wherever Anel trains, she changes lives. One of the top international trainers in the world, Anel delivers rich, valuable and uniquely crafted content to every audience she speaks to.


And now, her incredible content is now available here on Teach:able for the first time, giving a whole new audience of assistants globally an opportunity to take advantage of her immense knowledge.